Collection: Oil Paintings - Originals and Prints

After a spinal injury in 2018, I was no longer able to make the heavier more sculptural artwork I had been creating for the previous 20 or so years. As an artist, this was devastating. For a long time I couldn't conceive of how to begin to make work again. 

In 2020, as lockdown hit, I found my creativity returning and I picked up a paintbrush and oils and was hooked. I'd found a creative method I was excited about and I could do this sitting down - art on my arse! There are still challenges but I am gradually adapting and finding my painting voice.

I like to play with light in my paintings. By removing background or light sources, the subject can appear lit in a way that is quite surreal. Each painting is a technical journey for me. I am interested in colour, texture and light almost more than the subject. Still-life studies work well for me for this kind of exploration. I love the tones and textures of fruit and the play of light we are all familiar with on these items we may take for granted every day in our homes.

The original paintings are available along with limited edition prints on museum quality 310gsm Hahnemuhle German Etching paper.